Ricky Gonzalez

Hello, I am Ricky Gonzalez. I am a finishing my 3rd year of my PhD in the Information Science Department at Cornell Tech, Cornell University.

In this website you will find many things: My previous work done before joining the PhD, my current research projects, and other various milestones.

My research involves designing interactive systems focusing on empowering people with disabilities. As of today, I have worked together with Blind and Low Vision users to improve the accessibility of 3D virtual environments, Data Analysis, AI powered systems, and mobile cameras. Furthermore, my colleagues and I have come up with novel ways of interacting in Virtual Reality, and 3D printed models using Augmented Reality.

Research Highlights

Hands-On: Using Gestures to Control Descriptions of a Virtual Environment for People with Visual Impairments. «Jul 20, 2022 Submitted to UIST'22»

We created a series of hand gestures that can be use by people with visual impairments to trigger descriptions interactively in a VR environment. These gestures allow people with visual impairments obtain information about the environment, and also dynamically control the speech rate of the voice reader.

Uncovering Visually Impaired Gamers' Preference for Spatial Awareness Tools Within Video Games. «Jun 16, 2022 ASSETS'22»

We implemented four leading approaches to facilitating spatial awareness for gamers with visual impairments and investigate their merits and limitations. The four tools are: a smartphone map, a whole-room shockwave, a directional scanner, and a simple audio menu of points-of-interest. We evaluated how important gamers consider six different types of spatial awareness — that have been found to be important in physical world settings. Our findings reveal important design implications for future spatial awareness tools

Molder: An Accessible Design Tool for Tactile Maps. «Apr 25, 2020 CHI'2020»

Our full-paper for Molder was suppose to be showcased at Hawaii, United States in CHI 2020, but unfortunately because of COVID the conference was cancelled. Boomer :-(. Molder contributes an interaction paradigm towards creating Accessible 3D models through a simple design process and easy-to-learn functions.

Recent Activity
Submitted! «Sep 15, 2023»

«We submitted to CHI'24 a paper where we investigate how Blind and Low Vision people use applications like SeeingAI»

Accepted! «Aug 26, 2022»

«Our demo paper about a haptic glove that PVI can use to request object descriptions in VR through hand gestures was accepted to the UIST'22 conference a paper»

Submitted! «Jul 20, 2022»

«We submitted to the UIST'22 conference a paper about a haptic glove that PVI can use to request object descriptions in VR through hand gestures»

Accepted! «Jul 15, 2022»

«Our poster paper about Experiences and Challenges that PVI face when taking selfies was accepted to be presented in the ASSETS'22 conference!»

Accepted! «Jun 16, 2022»

«Our investigation of four leading approaches to facilitate spatial awareness for PVI within a 3D game was accepted as a full publication to be presented in the ASSETS'22 conference! :)»

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